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Custom Aquarium Installations, Leasing and Maintenance

Since 1986, AQUALEASE Ltd. has provided Calgarians with trouble-free enjoyment of the finest aquarium installations. Our excellent reputation is built on a background of professional engineering and over 20 years experience in ichthyology.
AQUALEASE Ltd. can provide you with expertise in all aspects of aquarium design, manufacture, installation and maintenance. Top quality equipment combined with the craftsmanship of a cabinet maker adds a distinctive focus to any style of interior design.

Currently AQUALEASE Ltd. has units in stock for quick delivery. They can be refinished in any color to match your decor.

AQUALEASE Ltd. now can provide curved glass bow front and quarter round aquariums. They can be leased with the standard cabinets and canopies shown or you can order yours with a custom cabinet and canopy.
Spring 2000 Kids Help Line Designer Showcase Show Home

Custom Aquariums at the spring 2000 Kids Help Line Designer Showcase Show Home by AquaLease Ltd.

AQUALEASE Ltd. also services and maintains outdoor ponds. Service includes spring cleanup and placing the fish, bi-weekly pump and filter service, fall removal of fish, and winter boarding of your fish in separate aquariums with independent filtration systems. Winter boarding of your fish can be arranged on a stand alone basis. There is limited space available, so call today to reserve room for your fish.

David N. Sheremeta P.Eng.
President, AquaLease Ltd.
Phone Number: 403-225-2348

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